Henet is a web admin application for Pelican.

Henet has the following features:

  • edition, addition & deletion of articles
  • cleanup of the reSTructuredText
  • live preview
  • commenting system with static rendering
  • internationalized interface (French & English built-in)


  • only works with reStructuredText for now.
  • no authentication

See https://github.com/AcrDijon/henet/issues for planned features and ongoing work.

Quick Start

Make sure you have the latest Python 2.7.x and the latest virtualenv, then:

$ virtualenv .
$ bin/pip install https://github.com/AcrDijon/henet/archive/master.zip
$ bin/henet-quickstart
$ bin/henet-server

The web admin will be reachable at http://localhost:8080

More documentation: